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    Sci-fi thriller as aliens arrive to take over the earth


    Based-on-fact story of a runaway train starring Denzel Washington


    Diane Keaton & Harrison Ford as co-anchors on a struggling morning TV show.

  • 1. GROWN UPS:

    It’s Adam Sandler and the gang – his gang of friends that he puts in many of his films – Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade et al.  This time they are a bunch of former high school teammates who reunite with their wives and children when the learn of the death of their childhood basketball coach.  It has some redeeming qualities, as the dads are all rather cartoonish, but the movie doesn’t leave them looking like idiots, with the kids all so smart … if fact, some of the moms don’t come off all that well either.  Not bad – some funny moments.  Rated PG.


    Not a well-reviewed movie, although I quite liked Zac Efron as the older brother who loses his sibling in an accident, and is the only human who can still see him, still talk with him.  There’s a romantic angle too, that has a supernatural twist.  Made in the Vancouver area with good performances by Ray Liotta and Amanda Crew as well.  Rated PG.   


    Exactly the opposite view from the above film – critics loved this movie based on a graphic comic book about Pilgrim, a guitar-playing teen, who hooks up with a new girlfriend, and then has to do battle with each of her evil exes … pretty good story and an excellent performance by Brampton, Ontario’s Michael Cera, who is in his 20s now and is going to have to stop playing teenagers soon. Rated PG.

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  • 4. GROWN UPS:

    Not being a big Adam Sandler/Rob Schneider fan, this is a bit of a stretch for me, and some of the humour is of the gross-out variety, but overall, this works as a PG-rated comedy.  Sandler actually wrote this film to star his friend the late Chris Farley, but gave the part to Kevin James after Farley’s death.

MALCOLM X (1992): 

This is one of Denzel Washington’s most compelling roles, and is worth revisiting just for the costumes, never mind the politics.  A Spike Lee film.

  • DUE DATE  

    A rather profane Robert Downey, Jr. vehicle in which Zack Galifianikis teams up for a road movie that has its moments.


    Animated 3D IMAX film featuring the voices of Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt that has some good moments.

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