for Nov 5 DVDs

    Robert Downey, Jr. in a road movie with Zack Galifinakas


    Animated story of an alien taking over the universe … with Will Farrell.


  • 1. TOY STORY 3:

    They’re all back – Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Andy all grown up and heading off to college leaving his toys behind.  So … what happens now that the toys, who just want to be played with, are relegated to the attic – or worse?  It’s an odyssey of massive proportions when the toys end up in a daycare with some very unappreciative kids, and some most diabolical toys.  Some scenes may frighten very young children, but this is the best Toy Story yet!  Rated G.


    Not a movie, but the multi-part mini-series from HBO earlier this year about the World War II battles in the Pacific and the men and women who fought them, plays out far, far better on DVD than it did on television.  The problem on TV was the lag-time between episodes.  Running them back-to-back on DVD produces an entirely different feel for the story.  Tom Hanks is the push behind this, along with Steven Spielberg.  A much better viewing on DVD!  Rated PG.   


    A horror-thriller that stars Steven Weber (Wings) as one half of a couple who survive a serious car crash, find their way to the titular farm house.  But if it’s safety they are after, it’s not going to happen.  Direct-to-DVD, I must warn you that this is a pretty badly-made movie, although the ending will leave you shocked and amazed … if you can understand it!  Kelly Hu also stars. Rated 18A.

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  • 4. TOY STORY 3:

    The first animated film to make a billion dollars at the worldwide box office, many feel it should have a PG and not a G rating because of the intensity of some scenes.

OKLAHOMA  (1955): 

The 50th anniversary DVD has more than four hours of extras for fans of the Rogers and Hammerstein classic starring Gordon MacRae.  It’s a must for lovers of old-time movie musicals.

  • SAW 3D  

    You get exactly what you expect in the final of the Saw series


    Hilary Swank is exceptional as a woman trying to save her imprisoned brother


    A good finish but slow to start in this story of Rick Hanson at the Great Wall.

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