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    Michael Douglas stars along with Shia LaBoeuf in the long-awaited sequel to Wall Street


    Romantic comedy with Kristin Bell, Sigourney Weaver, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

  • 1. ROBIN HOOD:

    Russell Crowe stars as Robin of Loxley in this “origins” film that has Robin returning from the Crusades where he fought with Richard the Lion Heart, and now is back in England to try to build a life.  Crowe’s character seems a little old for Robin, but I liked what he did with the character, and I liked the way that each of those who would become part of the Robin Hood legend were introduced.  Not a box-office hit for sure … but I thought it got the job done showing a very gritty, dirty, cold and wet environment – probably much closer to the truth than the stylized Robins of other movies. Rated 14A.

  • 2. ONDINE:

    If you like Colin Farrell, you’ll get a good look at what you like best in this made-in-Ireland film about a fisherman who catches … a young woman in his net, whom he believes to be a mermaid.  Living in a small Irish fishing village, Farrell is Syracuse, a man who has no secrets, as everyone knows everyone else’s business here … his sad life turns around when she shows up.  A good romantic story with no Hollywood stuff to mess it up. Rated PG.


    Not likely you saw this one in theatres.  It got the Oscar for Best Foreign Film last spring.  A retired prosecutor puts pen to paper to write a novel to try, in a fictional sense, to solve a crime that has haunted him for two decades … but he opens up a can of worms … that just won’t go back into the can.  Spanish with English subtitles.  Good film, but it takes a little work to get through. Rated 18-A.

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  • 4. ROBIN HOOD:

    At age 45, Russell Crowe is the oldest actor to ever have played Robin Hood. When it appeared he might not get the part, he crash-dieted and lost 40 pounds.  He still looks old though!


Seldom will a direct-to-DVD movie fall into this “Classic” category, but this one does.  Cuba Gooding, Jr. stars as a disbarred lawyer turned writer who takes a colleagues work for his own … with chilling results – a great murder mystery!  Tom Berenger co-stars.


    A cute enough 3D animated feature about wolves … for the kids

  • THE TOWN  

    Ben Affleck in a character driven heist movie that’s a little too much character, a little too little heist

  • DEVIL  

    M. Night Shymalin has a few chilling moments here

  • EASY A 

    Better than you might expect – a high school girl’s reputation is damaged because of one little lie.

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