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    3D is the hook in this supernatural thriller based on the video game.


    This absolutely dismal spoof on spy stories written by Saturday Night Live’s Will Forte bombed at the box office, which was exactly the right thing – but somehow prompted Forte to announce last week that he was leaving SNL to pursue a film career.  Not to Will:  don’t quit your day job.  This alleged spoof is profane and vulgar, and even those who like profanity and vulgarity thought that both those qualities got a bad name being associated with this film.  Rated 18A.

  • 2. KILLERS:

    Another box-office dud, this time for Ashton Kutcher and Catherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy).  I don’t feel the bad rap was deserved.  Kutcher is a hit man who falls for Heigl’s character while she is on vacation in Europe, just having come off a bad break-up.  Great performances by Tom Selleck and Kathryn O’Hara as the parents, and just enough humour woven into the action to keep a smile on your face – just a little one! Rated 14A.   


    Michael Douglas, very much in the news these days because of his stage 4 throat cancer, stars along with a good cast in a marginal story of the life of a man unravelling because of his infidelity and generally shady behaviour.  Susan Sarandon and Danny DeVito co-star. Rated 14A.

  • 4. KILLERS:

    Watch the fight scene in this movie carefully … Kutcher accidentally knocked out a burly stunt-man with one punch.  That’s taking reality a little too far!

M*A*S*H  (1970): 

40 years later, and this one still entertains.  MASH was among the first group of 50 movies to be released on home video, it’s the first major Hollywood film to use the “f” word, and it was the first film to feature such actors as Elliot Gould, Tom Skerrit, and John Schuck, all of whom were “introduced” here.


    Dreadfully slow “art movie” with George Clooney as a contract killer of a sort


    Marginally amusing romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore


    Wildly violent “revenge” movie starring Danny Trejo as a wronged Federale!

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