for May 21 DVDs

    An action-comedy with Val Kilmer and Will Forte in a military spy-style adventure

    the last of the Shrek series sees the ogre making a deal with Rumplestiltskin … that goes very, very bad!
  • 1. INVICTUS:

    Morgan Freeman is superb as Nelson Mandela, just released from prison in Apartheid South Africa, and working to unite the country, torn along racial lines.  The World Cup of Rugby is exactly the right vehicle to use for this purpose, and Mandela masterfully orchestrates a situation that brings people together with the common theme of sport at this 1995 championship.  Matt Damon co-stars.  The situations and dialogue are documentary-accurate. Rated PG


    Harrison Ford is Dr. Robert Stonehill in this “inspired by actual events film” in which parents (Brendan Fraser and Keri Russell) are devastated to learn the both of their young children have a genetically transferred Muscular Dystrophy-type disease that will prove fatal before they reach their teens.  This is one of those movies that plays better on DVD than on the big screen.  Dr. Stonehill may have a cure, or at least a process to arrest the disease – but funding it is the overwhelming hurdle. Rated PG


    Bob Ho (Jackie Chan) is an undercover superspy, now retired, who decides to settle down with his next-door neighbour and girlfriend … but first he has to win over her three kids.  He is babysitting when one of them unwittingly downloads a top secret formula to his computer and an arch-enemy Russian spy of Ho’s enters the picture. It’s pretty much a movie for kids 10 and up, but adults will get a few chuckles too. Rated PG

  • 4. INVICTUS:

    Many of those who were actually there acted as consultants on this film, and Nelson Mandela personally selected Morgan Freeman to play him.

LORENZO’S OIL  (1992): 

If you like Extraordinary Measures, you’ll appreciate this one, which has a similar theme – parents (Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte) with a dying child look for a cure … also based-on-fact.


    A terrific origins story that plays hard and fast with the Robin Hood legend

    Marvelous romance in which Amanda Seyfried shines as a young American in Verona, and in which Vanessa Redgrave is just superb

    Harmless romantic comedy with Queen Latifah as a sports rehab expert who falls for her patient
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