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    Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as a couple of comic cops directed by Kevin You-Are-too-Fat-for-this-airplane Smith

    It’s something in the water as the residents of a small town begin to go crazy.

    Here’s a movie that will have you wondering just what story it’s trying to tell.  Matt Damon is the real-life Mark Whitacre, a corporate whistle-blower in a major American Agri-business.  He wants the public to know what’s really going on within the organization regarding price-fixing, but he soon gets caught up in the drama of it, taking his subversive role much too far, eventually believing that he is an undercover government operative.  Truth is far stranger than fiction here, but this one will leave you scratching your head more than just a litte.  Rated 14A.

  • 2. THE BOX:

    Based on a Twilight Zone episode, Cameron Diaz and James Marsden are husband and wife faced with a dilemma … a stranger (Frank Langella) offers them $1 million if they open a box presented to them – no strings attached, other than someone somewhere will die because of their actions.  Open it, or not?  That’s the psychological challenge.  I liked this film, but it tanked at the box office and most people thought it was not all that good.  Not me though! Based on a Richard Matheson short story.  Rated PG.


    Clearly a film that wants, like Harryt Potter, to be an ongoing series, this one about a teen (Josh Hutcherson) who unwittingly breaks a 200 year–old truce between vampires of one stripe and vampires of another, really doesn’t get the job done.  No sequels pending here.  It tanked at the box office despite a cast that includes John C. Reilly and Selma Hyak … and so it should as it is an exceedingly disjointed movie. Rated PG.

  • 4. THE BOX:

    Based on “Button Button” from The Twilight Zone, this one will make you think … if you want to!


Still holds up as a good film, four complete stories, despite the fact that actor Vic Morrow was decapitated by a special effect-gone-wrong when a helicopter blade took him out.


    Based on the Dennis Lehane novel (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone) this one is not a feel-good film.  Leo DeCaprio is great as US Marshall Teddy Daniels working leads on a disappearance from an inescapable asylum for the criminally insale.  Remember who wrote this, and understand that you will not leave the theatre with a smile on your face.
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