for Jan 29 DVDs

    Rom-com with Kristin Bell and Josh Duhamel in the eternal city

    Mel Gibson as a homicide detective whose daughter is murdered right before his eyes.

    Director Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3, U-571) gets it mostly right in this Bruce Willis vehicle set in a future time when people never leave their homes, sending their surrogates out instead.  The Surrogate can be anything you want – a bodybuilder physique for the short fat guy at home, or a femme fatale for the mousey, homely girl … live is enjoyed thorugh the surrogates while their owners are wired into the equipment at home … and everything’s fine until … surrogates start dying.  Willis’s character is a cop who has to physically leave home for the first time in years to solve the case.  Good action pic! Rated 14A

  • 2. WHIP IT:

    Canada’s Ellen Page (Juno) is again the precocious, smart-mouth teen who can’t find her niche … until she secretly gets involved in roller derby.  The movie doesn’t seem to know where its audience actually is, but I found it a charmer … especially the names of the female players … Jaba the Slut, Smashley Simpson, and Maggie Mayhem.  Written by Shauna Corss who skated under the name Maggie Mayhem.  Rated PG

  • 3. THIS IS IT!:

    The backstage look at the Michael Jackson concert – the one he never gave – portrays the Jackson we don’t know … a consummate musician, a superb leader, and a talent that must be separated from the notoriety and the legal battles.  Thin and on the edge of death?  Hardly!  A must for anyone who wants the truth. Rated PG.

  • 4. WHIP IT!:

    Underrated while in theatres, this one is Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut … and has many real roller derby queens in the cast … some from the Hurl Scouts.

THE WIZ (1978): 

Michael Jackson’s film debut, this one is a re-do of the Wizard of Oz … in Manhattan … #28 on the list of top 50 cult films of all time.

  • LEGION  

    Excellent sci-fi-horror thriller with archangels Gabriel and Michael returned to earth to deal with the Apocalypse

    Dwayne Johnson in a kids movie that will engage kiddies everywhere

    Harrison Ford as a real life doctor looking for a cure for a children’s genetic condition – heartwarming!
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