for Sept 18 DVDs

    Matt Damon in the true story of a corporate whistle-blower.

    Megan Fox is college-age demon in a horror thriller.

    Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhardt in a romantic comedy about a self-help writer who can’t help himself.

    Hugh Jackman is outstanding in the far better-than-average origins film that goes back to the wilds of “Northern Canada” where we learn how Wolverine came to be.  He’s Canadian, you know, and even says so when asked to do his patriotic duty for the United States.  A film that moves through history at a rapid pace, there is also a great part from Vancouver’s Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, and Live Schreiber as Sabertooth.  Rated 14A.

  • 2. CAMILLE:

    Never having made it into theatres, this 2007 British movie made in Ontario about a couple heading to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon, is among the most unusual romantic comedies I have ever seen.  An incident that occurs en route changes everything … but to say more gives it all away.  A worthwhile rental starring James Franco, Sienna Miller, and Winnipeg’s Mimi Kuzyk. Rated 14A.   

  • 3. GRACE:

    A horror-thriller direct-to-DVD, made in Saskatchewan, starring familiar Lower Mainlanders such as Gabrielle Rose and Samantha Ferris tells the tale of an eight-months-pregnant woman who learns that her baby has died in her womb … she chooses to carry it to term, learns that it has miraculously come back to life … bit it has a thirst not for milk, but for … blood!. Rated 14A.

  • 4. X-MEN: ORIGINS:

    Lots of Lower Mainland locations as well as New Zealand and USA … the Northern Canada stuff was done in new Zealand, the American locations at UBC.

M*A*S*H (1970):    
The death last week of MASH TV series writer prompted me to revisit this classic with Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould.  It prompts lots of trivia questions like, “what does MASH stand for?  Who is the only actor/character to appear in both the movie and the TV series?”
  • 9

    Bizarre but engaging sci-fi film from Tim Burton.

    Standard “Scream”-style horror chiller as someone or something stalks bad-girl sorority types.

    Good crime thriller as Kate Beckinsale as a US marshal tracks a killer in the Antarctic night.
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