for August 28 DVDs

    The fourth in the Final Destination series about young people who escape death by accident, only to have death track them down.

    This franchise started over last year, and here’s number two remake.

    I like a good spy thriller where no one is what they appear to be, and anything can happen.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see this Julia Roberts – Clive Owen vehicle as one of these, although this is what it’s trying to be.  Two spies who are now working in the world of corporate espionage appear to work together – but for different outcomes … for me though, it was quite muddy. Rated PG.


    From the people who brought us “Little Miss Sunshine” comes a similarly-titled indy film that also included Adam Arkin in the role of a crusty grandpa.  Amy Adams and Emily Blunt star as a pair of sisters who are pretty much no account white trash struggling to survive financially.  They fall into a business cleaning up crime scenes after the police are done, and that’s where the story really starts … not as easy as it looks.  A character study that won’t take you where “Miss Sunshine” took you, but not bad.  Rated 14A.      


    It’s the summer of 1987 and a summer job at a cheap carnival brings together an interesting collage of characters in a strong cast that includes Ryan Reynolds and Twilight’s Kristin Stewart.  What is the worst of dead-end jobs becomes one of the finest character studies and slices of the ‘80s that has been seen in many moons.  Rated 14A.


    I didn’t care for this film too much in the theatres, but it plays better on DVD, and maybe I just appreciate Ryan Reynolds more since his turn in “The Proposal.”  In any case, pretty good little movie!
THE STING (1973): 
If you want real duplicity and a story where no one is what he or she appears to be, this Oscar-winner holds up as a great film that isn’t dated because it’s a period piece.  Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Robert Shaw – all superb!!!

    Quentin Tarentino’s genius shines through in this WWII film that rewrites history … visually stunning!

    A good family film about being careful what you wish for.

    Standard coming-of-age story with Alexis Bledel as a college girl who can’t get a decent job – or a decent date.
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