for July 24 DVDs

    A Disney film with guinea pigs as military operatives

    Romantic comedy with Catherine Heigle and Gerard Butler

    A female “Omen” … very scary!
  • 1. WATCHMEN:

    A box office disappointment, this is one superhero film that failed to live up to its hype.  The Watchmen are a low-end group of costumed superheroes living in an era where their kind has been outlawed.  But, as nefarious factions move in, somebody has to do something.  Be careful of the fact that this one has an 18A rating because of some nudity and graphic sex … don’t let the kids fool you into thinking it’s Batman.  Billy Crudup, Stephen McHattie, and Matt Frewer are among the stars.  Rated 18A.

  • 2. CORALINE:

    From the directory of Nightmare Before Christmas, this one is a stop-motion animated tale of a young girl with indifferent parents, who all move into a remote, but very busy building much like the setting of “The Shining.”  Strange things happen soon too, as Coraline discovers a doorway in an unused room that leads to … another world – with a duplicate mom and dad, and duplicate friends … except that they all have buttons for eyes.  They are more fun than her real folks – until the needle and thread comes out.  Too scary for very young kids. Rated PG.


    This TV movie fills in the period of time prior to the funeral of Michael who is dead at the end, and the wrapping up of the Sylla case.  The five-year period is the subject of the action here … but Michael is still just as dead at the end of it all.  Isn’t he? Not rated.

  • 4. CORALINE:

    For an animated tale, there are some very spooky moments in this little gem.  It is the longest stop-motion film ever made and features the voice of Dakota Fanning.
SUPERMAN (1978):   
The “director’s cut” has some great additions to this 31 year-old movie which is still a better film than the current “Watchmen.”  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were both early contenders for this role.

    All the old gang is back as Harry finds a book that seems to throw a new light on Voldemort’s origins.  Exceptional special effects … at PG (unlike the ‘G” that four of the other five Potter movies have) it could be too intense for very young children.
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