for June 19 DVDs

    Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in a romantic comedy

    Jack Black at the beginning of time … a comedy.
  • 1. FRIDAY THE 13TH:

    Crystal Lake, some hormone-driven teens, the myth surrounding mysterious murders … it’s all happening again, for the 12th time as the franchise that began in 1980 returns to haunt us once again.  Stated as a remake of the original, it actually contains story elements from all of the first three Friday the 13th films.  Jared Padlecki stars.  At $42 million, it had the biggest opening of any of the films in the series.   Rated 18A.

  • 2. ONE WEEK:

    A low budget Canadian film in which Joshua Jackson plays a young man diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  He asks the doctor how many stages there are.  The doc answers, “Four.”  He decides to see the country, buys a used motorcycle, and leaves family and fiancé behind to motor from Ontario to Vancouver Island.  Some interesting scenery, although BC gets mixed up in the editing, with Hope being west of Vancouver, but there’s no point arguing that.  Interesting little film.  Rated PG.


    Tom Selleck stars in this the fifth of six made-for-TV movie about small-town police chief Jesse Stone.  This time he’s in the big city on the trail of a missing child.  Selleck is very engaging in these roles, the first strong identity since his Magnum PI days. 
    Rated PG.

  • 4. ONE WEEK:

    This is one of those, “we-should-see-it-because-it’s-Canadian” films, and that’s mostly true.  What’s also true is that it asks a critical question:  what would you do if you were handed a death sentence in the form of a critical illness diagnosis.  Ryan Reynolds is worth the price of the rental on this one.
THE RUNAWAY (1983): 
Should have been a classic – it plays better today than when it was released.  Tom Selleck is Ramsay, a future cop beset by evil.  Filmed in Vancouver during a break from Magnum PI, Gene Simmons of Kiss co-stars.

    John Travolta is chilling as the evil kidnapper who takes a subway car full of innocent passengers hostage as Denzel Washington as dispatcher Walt Garber tries to ease the tension.  Good movie!

    Mediocre Eddie Murphy film in which his daughter’s fantasies come true.

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