for February 28 DVDs
  • Street Fighter – The Legend of Chun-Li

    Vancouver’s Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) stars in a martial arts sci-fi thriller.
  • 1. SEX DRIVE:

    With spring break coming up, we’ll see more and more of these teen sex movies.  The title here says it all … an 18 year-old has an opportunity to experience his first – you know – as a result of an on-line liaison … but he has to make a road trip to do it, hence the “drive” part of the title.  The original was 18A-rated for nudity, drug use, and language … the rental is the unrated edition.  Yikes!  James Marsden, who ought to know better, stars.


    Robert DiNero, Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, and John Turturro lead an excellent cast in a little movie that follows the day-to-day trials of a Hollywood producer who tries to balance his crazy work life with an actual personal life too.  Back-stabbing and untrustworthy … and that’s just his home life. Rated 14A.


    The title is scarier than the movie here … Molly is a teen who feels that the visions she sees, and the visitations from her mentally ill mother, may be a much more horrific series of events than they first appear to be.  Not too much comes of this though – couple of made-you-jump moments, but not enough for what is supposed to be a horror-chiller.  Hayley Bennett stars. Rated 14A.


    There is a lot of truth in the story that profiles the challenges in two weeks in the life of a producer trying to get a film made.  DiNero as always is excellent.
TAXI DRIVER (1976): DiNero again, this time as a mentally unstable Vietnam vet … who tries to save a teen prostitute.  Outstanding film.  “You talkin’ to me?”
  • Fired Up

    A terrible teen sex comedy … unless you’re a hormone-driven 17 year-old.
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