for February 20 DVDs
  • Fired Up

    A spring break movie as two guys try to become cheerleaders
  • Stone of Destiny

    A Scot nationalism film about a Westminster Abby break-in that fuels Scottish independence
  • 1. BODY OF LIES:

    Leo DiCaprio is outstanding here as a CIA operative who speaks Arabic, which helps when you’re assigned to the Middle East, and who gets beat up more than Jim Rockford in this tale of spy vs spy, counterspy vs counterspy, and … well, you know – you just can’t trust anyone. Russell Crowe is his spy boss – a heavier, not-so-nice Russell Crowe. Violent, but it makes some good points about the current situation in Afghanistan and Iraq. Rated 18A.


    Angelina Jolie has a best actress nomination for her role here as a mom whose son is kidnapped in 1920s Los Angeles.  Clint Eastwood directed this based-on-fact story about what happened to her son, and other young boys at the hands of a sadistic kidnapper … but the LAPD, looking for good press, find a boy they say is her son – he is not, but they don’t listen to her protests.  Excellent story! Rated 14A.


    Greg Kinnear is believable and credible as the real-life Robert Kearns, the inventor who came up with intermittent windshield wipers, and then alleged that Ford and Chrysler stole his idea without compensation.  He devotes the rest of his life to righting that wrong.  Well-acted, and didn’t get the credit it deserved!! Rated PG.


    The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders were the big story in California in 1928 – 29 and this is an almost documentary look at what happened.  Excellent work by Jolie.  Ron Howard executive-produced.
THE CHANGELING (1980):  Trish Vandervere and George C. Scott in a supernatural thriller shot in Vancouver.  No connection to the Angelina Jolie movie, but since they both keep getting confused, might as well see this one too!
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic

    A terrific date movie – Isla Fisher steals the movie.
  • Friday the 13th

    For serious slasher-horror fans only
  • The International

    A superb spy thriller with a sterling performance by Clive Owen.
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