for February 13 DVDs
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic

    Isla Fisher is the spend-a-holic from the best-selling book
  • Friday the 13TH

    Jason’s back – for the first time!
  • The International

    Clive Owen and Naomi Watts in an action spy-thriller.
  • 1. W:

    Josh Brolin plays George W. Bush in this unflattering Oliver Stone treatment of the early years of his presidency.  There aren’t many surprises here, as the former president was a bit of a goof in many areas.  Outstanding portrayal of Dick Cheney by Richard Dreyfuss, and a simpering, cloying, pandering Condie Rice from Thandie Newton.  More relevant now with Bush gone, I think. Rated PG.


    The North Carolina coast plays a major role here as two people of a certain age, played by Richard Gere and Diane Lane, find themselves in a seaside inn in the off-season when everyone else has gone away.  She is dealing with her cheating husband who wants to reconcile, he’s a doctor fighting his own personal demons.  This is a three-hanky tear-jerker, but one that I quite enjoyed for the fine character development. Rated PG.


    Based on some actual events, some made up, this World War II portrayal of an all-African-American unit (that part’s an actual event) fighting behind German lines during the Italian campaign, combines a touch of the supernatural with a dose of reality as it deals not only with race, but with war itself.  Didn’t do well at the box office, was badly reviewed, but I liked it a lot and recommend it! Rated 18A.


    a $45 million budget, and less than $8 million at the box office spells major failure for director Spike Lee.  I didn’t see this as a bad movie – I liked most of what was portrayed.  Wesley Snipes was supposed to star, but had to face the courts on his tax case – would that have made a difference?
BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI (1957):  Won seven Oscars, and is a different WWII portrayal than St. Anna, Alec Guinness is superb - $3 million budget – that much was paid just to show it on television for the first time in 1966.
  • Coraline

    A bizarre little animated horror tale that will be too intense for young children.
  • Pink Panther 2

    Steve Martin is okay as Clouseau, but he’s no Peter Sellers
  • He’s Just Not That In To You

    Jennifer Aniston is fine in a fair-to-middling romantic comedy.
  • Push

    A unusual sci-fi thriller that will make you think, then think again.
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