for February 6 DVDs
  • Coraline

    Animated little chiller from the director of Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Pink Panther 2

    Steve Martin is back as Clouseau.
  • He’s Just Not That In To You

    Jennifer Aniston in the movie based on the book.
  • Push

    Dakota Fanning in a sci-fi thriller.

    Paul Gross wrote, directed, and stars in the most expensive Canadian movie ever produced, a tale of WWI, of heroism, of cowardice, of love, and of … passion.  Although the trailers may lead you to believe that this is entirely a war movie, not true … significant parts take place in Calgary circa 1914.  This is a film that every Canadian should be made to see … it ought to be part of school curriculums.  Excellent film! Rated 14A.


    A great cast here that includes Queen Latifah, Alicia Keyes, Jennifer Hudson, and Dakota Fanning in a tale of race and humanity in the American South in the 1950s.  Fanning’s character escapes an abusive father and goes on the road with African-American housekeeper Hudson, ending up on a small farm where three sisters keep bees.  A very nice film that didn’t stay in theatres nearly long enough. Rated PG.


    It’s not often that a sequel is up to, or even better than, the original, but it’s a close call with this animated romp featuring the voices of Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, and Jada Pinkett among others.  The New York Zoo animals, still on the lam from the last movie, finally make it to Africa … and as usual, the penguins steal the show!  Great fun!  Rated G.


    During the end credits, real-life black-and-white footage of the real battle at Passchendaele is shown.  The streets of Calgary in the movie are played by Fort Macleod Alberta in the movie.
ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT (1930): A true classic of World War I and its battles.  Winner of Best Picture at the 1931 Oscars, it also received three other Oscars.  Lew Ayers, who went on to play Dr. Kildare on radio, stars.  Interesting to compare this with Passchendaele to see where filmmaking has been and where it is going.
  • New In Town

    A pleasant romantic comedy with Rene Zelwegger and Harry Connick, Jr.
  • Taken

    Great chase thriller and fine martial arts scenes as Liam Neeson, an ex-spy, pursues those who have kidnapped his daughter.
  • The Uninvited

    Nice twist at the end that will remind you of The Sixth Sense – good horror-thriller, filmed on Bowen Island.
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