for January 16
  • Paul Blart,
    Mall Cop

    Kevin James (King of Queens) in an Adam Sandler-produced comedy
  • Notorious

    A biopic on the rapper the Notorious B.I.G.
  • Hotel for Dogs

    Lisa Kudrow in a
    kid-focused comedy in which no stray gets turned away.

    Who says the western is dead?  This one is just a little under the weather!  Ed Harris stars and directed, Viggo Mortensen co-stars, and Renee Zellweger is the female lead in a story of two gunmen who arrive in a troubled town that really isn’t big enough for everyone.  A renegade rancher (there always has to be one) is the villain who is up to no good. Rated 14A.  

  • 2. SWING VOTE:

    Kevin Costner believed in this story of a slacker single dad who holds the fate of the US Presidency in his voting hands so much that he invested millions of his own money in it just to see it through.  Not a good move.  $20 million of his own for a $16 million gross so far.  Maybe the DVD will help, but not likely as the Presidential race is over and he has missed his window of opportunity.  It’s a weak story with a good performance from his movie daughter, played by Madeline Carroll.  Kelsey Grammar plays the US President. Rated PG.    

  • 3. MIRRORS:

    This horror-thriller starring Kiefer Sutherland didn’t stay in theatres long, but it’s a pretty good chiller, and has a dreaded dark look about it because of its New York setting, which is actually Rumania.  Jack … I mean Kiefer .. is an ex-cop with troubles who is haunted by images in mirrors, first in his home, and later in an abandoned department store.  A real chiller that I quite enjoyed. Rated 14A.


    Even though it’s derivative and somewhat predictable, I like the return of the western to the big screen – first one since Open Range I think – the bad guys are bad, the good guys are … pretty good.  But it’s no “3:10 to Yuma”.
Shane (1953):  The story is pretty thin by today’s standards, but this is still a classic western of the old school.  Alan Ladd plays the title character who drifts into the lives of the Starrett family.  Jack Palance is great as the villain, with one of the finest early special effects when he is shot.
  • Gran Torino

    Clint Eastwood is Oscar material
    in this superb Dirty Harry-retires movie (not really Dirty Harry, but it could be!)
  • Bride Wars

    Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are fine in a girly-girl movie about friends getting married on the same day.
  • The Unborn

    Better than average horror thriller Exorcist style!
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