for December 26
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Brad Pitt as a person born as an old man who gets progressively younger
  • Bedtime Stories

    Adam Sandler deals with stories that come true
  • Marley and Me

    Owen Wilson is upstaged by a dog
  • The Spirit

    Based on Will Eisner’s comic book character
  • Valkyrie

    Tom Cruise stars in a true story about a plot to kill Hitler

    Don’t be fooled by the packaging into thinking that this is yet another sequel to the video-game-based series that starred Mila Jovavich as the fast-shooting heroine. This is an animated Japanese movie that is strictly for fans of the game. Rated 14A.


    You didn’t see this one in theatres. On his 21st birthday, Max chooses to hang himself in front of his friends and family. Sent to a mental institution, he meets Grace, also suicidal. He’s tried eight times … she is a few better than that. He is determined to find ways to make life worth living for both of them. Stars include Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Melfi from the Sopranos) and Rosanna Arquette. Oh … it’s a comedy! Rated 14A.

  • 3. PULSE 3:

    Two years ago it was Wes Craven’s Pulse – a movie starring Kristin Bell that told the story of the end of the world as strangeness from the ozone took over. It was not a good film … so why a direct-to-DVD sequel that has nothing to do with Wes Craven? You tell me! This time it’s eight years after the world has essentially ended, and a young woman searches for life among the ruins of society. No stars whose names you would recongnize. Rated 14A.

  • 4. RICK’S PICK:

    Can’t pick one … these are all dogs .. but the first season of Petticoat Junction has just been released on DVD!
Network (1976):
Peter Finch is Howard Beale, a news anchor who is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take anymore. More than 30 years old, but still very relevant.
  • Seven Pounds

    Smith stars in a depressing tale of … well, I can’t really say, with out giving away too much – of a man dedicated to changing the lives of others
  • Yes Man

    Jim Carrey is back as a man who says “yes” to everything for a full year … but that turns out to be fraught with peril
  • The Tale of Despereaux

    Strictly for kids, a fair enough animated tale with a mouse as the hero … but it’s not Mickey.
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