for December 5
  • Nobel Son

    A tale of kidnapping and deception starring Alan Rickman and Mary Steenburgen
  • Cadillac Records

    A chronicle of the rise of Chess Records and its artists … stars Adrian Brody
  • Punisher; War Zone

    Ray Stevenson replaces Thomas Jane in the lead of this Marvel Comics-inspired second in the series.
  • 1 .WANTED:

    A hot action film in which Angelina Jolie is armed and dangerous. Based on a graphic comic book by Frank Miller, she plays Fox, a pistol-packing operative who is after Wesley Gibson, a mild-mannered office drone whom she has tagged as the next underground operative. Story doesn’t much matter here – it’s all action all the time with a lot of stuff blowing up and no one being quite what they appear to be. Rated 18A for violence.


    Ferrell and John C. Reilly are a couple of man-children who are thrown together when the father of one marries the mother of the other. I found little to like about this travesty of a film full of sniggering high-school sex-and-body-function jokes, and a bunch of unbelievable, un-likeable characters, but it did big business at the box office, and most in theatres thought it was funny…just not me. Rated 14A.


    Very painful, this one. What I liked was the familiar, family felling of being with Scully and Mulder again, of watching them work at solving a great mystery, and of seeing some familiar faces. But the story and its execution are third-rate, despite reuniting much of the original cast, crew, and writers. Somehow, although the truth is out there, it didn’t find its way into this story. Rated PG.


    Remember as you watch this one that no one is exactly what they appear to be.

The Thorn Birds (1983):
No, it’s not a movie, but it’s the perfect companion piece to the new film “Australia” – this TV mini-series, available on DVD and directed by Vancouver’s Daryl Duke, is a classic portrayal of the opening up of Australia … Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward star … as does Aussie actor Bryan Brown.
  • Australia

    It’s a western, a war story, and a romance, with elements of a travelogue – despite it’s odd look and it’s clichéd story, I liked this one a lot – Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman star
  • Transporter 3

    Better than Quantum of Solace for action and class, Jason Statham out-Bonds Daniel Craig in this superb action film
  • Four Christmases

    Uneven and mean-spirited Christmas movie with Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon … it’s very short too, which is merciful!
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