for November 28
  • Australia

    Kidman in an epic tale of the foundation of the land down under
  • Transporter 3

    Jason Stathem is back behind the wheel
  • Four Christmases

    Vince Vaughn is back for the second Christmas in a row with a mean-spirited holiday movie.
  • 1 .HANCOCK:

    Will Smith is a different kind of superhero in this Peter Berg-directed sci-fi tale. As Hancock, a being who can fly, who has super strength and other Superman-like powers, Hancock isn’t all together. He’s a drunk, he’s belligerent, and he has a reputation for causing more destruction when he rescues someone than would have been the case had he just butted out. The story takes a more serious twist as it moves along. Different! Jason Bateman also stars. Rated PG.

  • 2. FRED CLAUS:

    Vince Vaughn plays the slacker, ne’er do well brother of Santa Claus in this mean-spirited Christmas film that was out last November. Paul Giamatti is Santa, who reluctantly takes his unemployed sibling into the North Pole workshop to help out with Christmas toy building, but the result is disastrous. So is the movie in my opinion. Cathy Bates and Kevin Spacey are wasted in the cast as well. Rated PG.

  • 3. MEET DAVE:

    One of Eddie Murphy’s stupider projects, here he plays an alien spaceship named Dave. Inside, a race of tiny aliens manipulate the controls to have him infiltrate the human population on earth to find a missing object that can save the world – or destroy it. Murphy also plays the spaceship captain inside spaceship Dave. Yes, it reads stupidly … and it is! Rated PG.


    The best news here is that the promotion and trailers for this film don’t really give away where the movie goes, or how serious the story is. Interesting!

Superman (1978):
Yes, it has been 30 years since Christopher Reeve convinced us that a man could fly. This is still the definitive superhero movie – no digital effects – just wires and stunt people. Margot Kidder and Marlin Brando also star.
  • Twilight

    The best vampire story in a generation, this one will make a huge star of Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen, a teen vampire who has been age 17 since 1918. Great film!!
  • Bolt

    John Travolta’s voice with great animation makes this one a must-see for kids.
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