for November 14
  • Quantum of Solace

    Daniel Craig, perhaps the best James Bond yet, is back in his latest adventure.

    Ron Perlman is back as the title character in this comic book-based film about a demon from the dark side gone straight. An ancient truce is broken, and the border between the demon world and our world is fractured with all manner of evil creatures filling our living space … and it’s up to Hell Boy to stop them. I didn’t find this as good as the original – too much focus on special effects, not enough on story. Rated 14A.


    A lot of familiar voices, including that of Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee, power the first animated feature from Lucas Films. This Star Wars cartoon is definitely for the kiddie generation – adults who grew up with the franchise may find it simplistic and disappointing. But its target audience is not adults, but to attract a new generation to the stories of Luke, Darth Vader, and Obi Wan Kenobi. Rated PG.


    It’s not too soon to tackle the standard dysfunctional-family-gets-together-for-the-holidays movie. This one was in theatres last winter, and this season it bows on DVD. An African-American family is the centre of the squabbles. Stars include DelRoy Lindon, Loretta Devine, and “The Unit’s” Regina King. Okay for what it is. Rated PG.


    While director Guillermo Del Toro is so consumed with special effects to the detriment of story, the first film to be made at the new Korda Studios in Budapest, Hungary.

Trains Planes and Automobiles (1987):
The late John Candy and Steve Martin star in this classic of two men trying to get home for Thanksgiving. Directed by John (Home Alone) Hughes, this is Steve Martin’s favourite movie of all in which he has starred.
  • Madagascar Back 2 Africa

    Great laughs in this sequel with jokes the kids will never get – funnier than the first film
  • Soul Men

    Bernie Mac’s last film, so out of kindness, this reuniting of two feuding old rock star friends is “okay.”
  • Role Models

    A silly pairing of Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd as two guys who choose working with kids as their community service over jail.
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