for November 7
  • Madagascar 2

    The penguins and all the zoo animals are back, trying to escape Africa in this animated feature.
  • Soul Men

    Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac as two ex-soul singers who reunite.
  • Role Models

    Jail or working with kids? That’s the choice two guys get after trashing company property. Paul Rudd and Seanne William Scott star
  • 1 .GET SMART:

    Carrell is Agent 86 and Anne Hathaway is 99 in this big-screen version of the 60s TV series that starred Don Adams. I liked the way Carrell tackled the role, paying appropriate respect to the original, but putting his own stamp on it as well. Siegfried and KAOS are at it again while Smart bungles his way through … although this Max is more adept at the spy game than was his TV predecessor. Has grossed $230 million against an $80 million budget prior to DVD release. Rated PG.


    The voices of Jack Black, Jackie Chan, and Angelina Jolie among others make this a delightful romp. An overweight panda in ancient China wants to be a great warrior but seems relegated to a life working in his father’s noodle business … until a series of events suggest that he might be The One foretold in ancient religions. This one works for kids at one level and adults at another level. Great fun! Rated PG.


    Abigail Breslin is the title character here in a family-friendly movie that captures Depression-era America perfectly as young Kit, who wants to be a newspaper reporter when she grows up, becomes involved in solving a mystery. It has “sequel” stamped all over it, which is fine – perfect for viewing by “tween” girls aged six to 12. Rated PG.


    for a cameo by Bernie Kopell, the original Siegfried from the TV series. Also watch for cameos by each of the cars driven by Max in the original.

Hang em High (1968):
A great lesson in what Clint Eastwood learned working for Sergio Leone on spaghetti westerns – and the very first film from Eastwood’s Malapaso Company.
  • The Haunting of Molly Hartley

    Molly is a high school girl who sees and hears things … and she should – the Devil is right behind her. Not bad for what it is.
  • Zack and Miri make a Porno

    Seth Rogan stars in a very, very risqué film, the title of which says it all.
  • The Changeling

    Changeling is a superb Clint Eastwood-directed Angelina Jolie vehicle about a real-life child abduction in the 1920s. Great performance by Jolie!
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