for October 24
  • Saw V

    Five Halloween’s in a row – need we say more?
  • High School Musical: The Movie

    Spin-off from the two TV movies
  • Pride and Glory

    Edward Norton and Colin Farrell as part of a New York cop family.

    Edward Norton is David Banner in what many reviewers said was a not-so-good version of the Marvel Comics character. I disagree and feel this one really has it right, hitting right to the heart of the action and the character. Its $150 million budget has generated $250 million so far, and that’s before the DVD. Far better than the 2003 version with Eric Bana, and includes some great trivia including a scene in which a character is watching an old rerun of The Courtship of Eddie’s Father … with a great cameo by Robert Downey, Jr. at the end. Rated PG.


    This horror-thriller with Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as a couple terrorized in their deserted neighbourhood by hooded strangers is only for the most desperate-for-a-horror-thrill of viewers. I found it a sadistic and unrewarding film with an ending that made me feel that the two hours invested was a dead loss. Rated 14A.


    Ben Stein’s Michael Moore-style documentary that looks at evolution vs. intelligent design, and what happens to scientists and educators who get on the wrong side of the fence. Like many “documentaries”, all is not as it appears … the lecture scene at Pepperdine University for example, is presented as an actual classroom full of inquiring students … but they are actually paid extras and the scenes are staged. Rated 14A.


    Marvel Comics decided to take the risk of producing this one itself instead of simply picking up fees from other producers. It paid off in a big way. The Hulk is CGI, and Norton as Bruce Banner is real. Watch for Lou Ferrigno as a security guard.

The Candidate (1972):
I pick this one every four years as Robert Redford’s portrayal of a candidate for US Presidency is the best depiction ever of the process of selecting a president … and it’s just as relevant today as it was 36 years ago. Grouch Marx has an uncredited cameo in what was his last screen appearance before his death.
  • Passchendale

    Paul Gross’s tribute to his grandfather on the Western Front in WWI is outstanding in every way
  • Max Payne

    is a serviceable hero in this plot-free action thriller, fine for what it is
  • W

    George W. Bush comes off as a not-too-bright leader who has put his country into the dumpster
  • The Secret Life of Bees

    Dakota Fanning makes the leap from child star to actress in this heartwarming story.
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