for October 10
  • Body Of Lies

    Leo DiCaprio in a spy thriller
  • Quarantine

    Firefighters respond to a horror-filled house
  • City Of Ember

    A sci-fi story about the world’s lights going out, with Bill Murray
  • The Express

    Story of the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy

    One of the most disappointing films of the past year or two, this from M. Night Shymalin of Sixth Sense fame continues to fail to live up to his previous work, or any work for that matter. Mark Wahlberg is a school teacher caught up in an event that causes people to commit suicide in horrible ways. Trying to save his family, he hits the road, attempting to stay ahead of the spreading horror … what will it be – aliens? Armageddon? A Biblical plague? By the time we get to the answers … it’s just too late to save this movie. Rated 14A.


    What’s with Adam Sandler? Here he is an Israeli spy who decides to leave that life, where he is a national hero, and come to America to be a hairdresser. While there are some funny moments, his sideline of “satisfying” elderly women is in very poor taste. Rated 14A BUT … the DVD is unrated!


    A small indy film that didn’t make into most theatres follows a small- name cast as a professor visits New York City to find a strange family living in his apartment. What follows is a character study that reveals the very best of the man’s inner being. Interesting movie. Rated 14A.


    Won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, because not a lot happens … but then, life can be that way too.

The Sixth Sense (1999):
here are many who haven’t seen this film, rated the #47 top movie of all time, and its tagline “I see dead people” in the top 100 all time movie quotes. It’s still an unbelievable movie. It was the most-rented DVD in 2000.
  • The Duchess

    Keira Knightly is exceptional in this period costume drama … and don’t overlook the parallel!
  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua

    Talking dogs – strictly for kids, Disney-style, but entertaining enough
  • Religulous

    Maher’s biting satire on religion, tough to take for many of faith
  • Flash Of Genius

    An excellent study of one man’s fight against big car manufacturers
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