for October 3
  • Blindness

    Julianne Moore is a sighted person in a world gone blind
  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua

    The dogs talk in this kids film
  • Flash of Genius

    Greg Kinnear in the story of Roberts Kearns, an auto engineer who went after that which was rightfully his.
  • Religuous

    Bill Maher documentary on religion
  • 1 .IRON MAN:

    Robert Downey, Jr. is superb in this Marvel Comic-come-to-life. The special effects are outstanding, the story is strong on character and plot as well as action, and the outcome has “sequel” stamped all over it. As Tony Stark, Downey, Jr. finds himself in the war in Afghanistan instead of Vietnam as was the case in the original comic. Gwyneth Paltrow is Pepper Potts. Rated PG.


    A romantic comedy with a bit of meanness built in, this is the story of Peter, a musician working in television, who is dumped by his TV star girlfriend Sarah (Kristin Bell) and heads off to Hawaii to forget about her. But guess who he sees at the very same hotel? Yep, the girl and her new guy a coincidence that only a scriptwriter could create. A little raw around the edges, it’s not all bad, although somewhat predictable Rated 18A.


    No surprise that this didn’t get much play in theatres – using the kidnapping and torture of an Afghani cab driver as the backdrop, this looks, documentary-style, at the policies of the Bush government around dealing with so-called terrorists. Won an Oscer or Best Documentary, and written and narrated by Brit Alex Gibney. Rated 14A.


    Tom Cruise was originally slated to produce and star in this picture. Can’t imagine him in there when you see the job done by Downey, Jr.

The God Father (1972):
Recently selected as the best film of all time, this one won three Oscars and made a star of Al Pacino. Mafia bosses were given the right to approve the script and mobsters were given roles as extras – this was the only way Director Albert Ruddy could keep the production going. The words “Mafia” and “Cosa Nostra” were struck from the script.
  • Miracle At St. Anna

    Spike Lee’s best for sure – a hard-scrabble WW II picture with an amazing message
  • Eagle Eye

    One of the best action-thrillers in a long time – all-chases-all-the-time
  • Nights of Rodanth

    A romantic tear-jerker that’s all about relationships – Richard Gere and Diane Lane – what more to say?
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