for September 5
  • Bangkok Dangerous

    Nicolas Cage is a hitman in Thailand who falls for a local woman and learns that everyone is not what they appear to be.
  • Mama Mia: Sing Along Edition

    At selected Cineplex Odeon theatres, you are encouraged to sing out loud and follow the words to the songs on-screen.

    The best cast in a movie of which you have never heard. Pierce Brosnan, Oscar-winner Chris Cooper, Rachel McAdams, and Patricia Clarkson star in a little story about big issues – love, marriage, and murder. Harry loves his wife so much that he wants to do her the honour of killing her rather than have her go through the humiliation of divorce, because Harry has a girlfriend he likes better. Set in 1949, this is a quirky film that some will find quite engaging. Shot in Vancouver. Available on Blu-Ray, Rated PG.

  • 2. AUGUST:

    Another smaller movie that spent virtually no time in theatres when it was released. This one stars Josh Hartnett as a entrepreneur in New York just before the events of 9/11. The following economic collapse wasn’t fun for us to live through, and neither is this movie. It may have had lofty goals, but none of them are achieved in this dead-end story. Rated 14A


    Uma Thurman stars as a woman who survived a Columbine-style shooting 20 years ago, and continues to struggle with the psychological fallout from that event. A character study revolving around survivor guilt, it also stars Evan Rachel Wood. Thurman is very watchable here, but the subject matter is quite clinical. Rated PG.


    This is a challenging week, with three virtually unknown films, but this one is the best of the batch in that it goes someplace, and deals with subject matter not often explored.

Deliverance (1972):
Still a thriller-chiller after all these years, there are many great stories about this shoot – the best of which is that the budget was so small that all the stars did their own stunts – and Burt Reynolds broke bones in his back from his shooting-the-rapids scene.
  • Babylon A.D.

    Vin Diesel cannot save this film of which the director said two days before its release, “bad producers, bad partners, a terrible film.”
  • College

    High school-level humour not even good enough to make the top 10
  • Disaster Movie

    Two word review: disaster movie
  • Traitor

    Don Cheadle is superb in a thriller that shines a very different light on terrorism in today’s world – he plays an Islamic seller of bombs. Excellent!
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