for August 22
  • Death Race

    Jason Statham is the driver once again, this time in a near-future world where convicted criminals race cars on television … the stakes? Life or death.
  • The Longshots

    The true story of Jasmine Plummer, the first girl to quarterback a team to victory in a Pop Warner tournament.
  • The Rocker

    Rainn Wilson is a broken-down rock ‘n’ roller who is asked to sit in with a young band with a prom gig.

    Keanu Reeves is an emotionally damaged cop struggling to recover from his wife’s death who is implicated in the death of a fellow officer and goes on a mission to uncover the truth. A violent and profane film that tells is as it is – I liked it despite its gritty edge. Forrest Whitaker also stars. The sad part … much of this could happen … and probably has. Rated 18A.

  • 2. PROM NIGHT:

    Brittany Snow stars in this remake of a slasher film that takes place … on prom night. It’s very standard in its approach – we have the escaped-from-the-mental-hospital homicidal maniac, the local police who don’t get it, the parents who are “sure everything will be just fine” … and the stupid teenage girls who run towards trouble because it’s in the script. Although not as violent as some, it’s still a slasher flick, although some of the plot devices are so lame that you could drive a Mack Truck through the holes in the script. Rated 14A.


    Francis McDormand is the title character in pre- World War II London who is dismissed from her job as governess with no pay and no notice. She seizes the opportunity to climb above her station and becomes a social secretary for an upper class family. A tale of class and understanding one’s roots, this is well-acted and nicely finished. Rated PG.


    Sean Penn was originally supposed to star, but dropped out along the way. The script has been kicking around for years and was originally inspired by the OJ Simpson trial … it’s all about who gets away with what.

Serpico (1973):
Many officers considered him the most dangerous person on the streets … he was an honest cop. Al Pacino is superb in a story based-on-fact that is just as good today, 35 years later.
  • Tropic Thunder

    A little gross, but a very clever telling of a movie-within-a-movie that has Robert Downey, Jr. in blackface and Ben Stiller in the driver’s seat.
  • Mirrors

    A better-than-average horror thriller starring Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    Yes, it’s a cartoon, but it’s still Star Wars!
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