for June 27
  • Wall-E

    A Disney film about a little maintenance robot all alone on an abandoned earth … encounters visitors from beyond
  • Wanted

    Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy star in an action-adventure about a nobody made into a crack assassin.
  • 1 .10,000 BC:

    An interesting film with a no-name cast that follows a handful of primitive people on a quest for knowledge. Not meant to be a documentary-like depiction of the times, it has a surrealistic and mystical quality as our heroes cross through several societies ranging from African Masai warriors to the land of ancient Egypt and a parallel to Stargate. The saber tooth tiger is a masterpiece of special effects work. Rated PG.


    As romantic comedies go, this one is either definitely, or just maybe, acceptable. Vancouver-born Ryan Reynolds stars as a dad who is challenged by his young daughter, to explain, as his marriage is unravelling and headed towards divorce, how he met her mom, and what his life was like before he was married. There are some very nice moments here … and some that are just a little slow, but overall, an acceptable date movie. Abigail Breslin is perfect as always, as the daughter. Rated PG.


    Good special effects, a fine performance by young Freddie Highmore, and a story that has worlds of fantasy and reality colliding make for a better film than its reviews demonstrated. Moving into an old house in the country after losing their father, the Grace children and their mother soon experience strange goings-on. Good special effects, and an engaging story. Rated PG.

  • Rick´s Pick: 10,000 BC:

    Any film that takes you to ancient Egypt and suggests that the early Pharaohs may have been from a planet other than earth, works for me. Astronomy, mysticism, and wooly mammoths, all in the same movie – you can’t go wrong!

STARGATE (1994):
Kurt Russell and James Spader move through time and space to the place where the pyramids originated … and they are unworldly. No coincidence that this film and 10,000 BC were both co-written and directed by Roland Emmerich.
  • Get Smart

    Steve Carrell is great as Agent 86 in what amounts to an “origin” film – Max isn’t Agent 86 when the movie begins, and he hasn’t yet encountered 99. Very enjoyable!
  • The Love Guru

    Mike Myers has gone too far this time – toilet humour, bad taste, and universally panned, he’s a self-help guru who works with NHL players.
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