for June 20
  • Get Smart

    Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway as agents 86 and
  • The Love Guru

    Mike Meyers is a Mahareshi – style yogi in an uneven romp.
  • 1 .FOOL’S GOLD:

    Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson as an estranged couple, Donald Sutherland, now typecast as a wealthy businessman, and hidden treasure in the Florida Keys. Sounds like all the makings for a great romantic adventure. Ooops … they forgot to get a credible script. This one falls down badly as McConaughey’s character, a hopeless slacker, has no credibility at all … as a romantic comedy, it barely makes it as a date movie. Too bad! Rated PG.


    Jack Black, Danny Glover, and rapper Mos Def are an odd cast. Glover runs a little video store in a low-end neighbourhood in New Jersey that is slowly being edged out by the world of DVDs and high-tech home theatres. He leaves on family business, having the store cared for by his able assistant manager (Def) on the promise that his ne’er do-well friend (Jack Black) stay away. Black doesn’t, and accidentally magnetizes all the VHS tapes wiping them out … so they set out to recreate each film with a VHS camera. A better movie than it appears, and much less a zany comedy than a pithy commentary. Rated PG.


    Martin Lawrence is a Jerry Springer-style talk show host who is successful in the big city, but not with his relatives at a family reunion. A very unfunny comedy. Rated 14A.

  • Rick´s Pick: Be Kind, Rewind:

    Won’t be for everyone’s taste buds – it was a hit at film festivals, and if you’re looking for a Jack Black patented romp, this actually isn’t it. It’s a thoughtful and provocative art film with a message. Watch for an interesting performance by Mia Farrow.

Don Adams stars as Agent 86 in his first full-length Get Smart movie. Only the last part of the title was right … the film was a bomb! But interesting given this week’s openings.
  • The Incredible Hulk

    An outstanding version of the Marvel comics character … and watch for some incredible cameos, including Paul Soles
  • The Happening

    Very disappointing film from M. Night Shymalan … no payoff for the trip.
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