for May 09
  • What Happens In Vegas

    Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher in a romantic hate comedy
  • Speed Racer

    Based on a Japanese anime, about … a speed racer!
  • 1 .PS I LOVE YOU:

    How romantic can a romantic comedy be when the happy couple has its future cut short with the death of the male lead within the movie’s first few minutes? Admittedly, this one’s something of a downer, but it tries hard to be more uplifting. Gerard Butler is the dead husband, Hilary Swank is the woman who loses the love of her life … and just a few months after his demise, the first letter from him arrives – letters designed by him in life, to help her get on with hers. Rated PG.


    Another love story in which one-half of the couple checks out early is done strictly for laughs, and there are precious few of those in this stinker. Eva Longoria Parker is the deceased – she was crushed by an ice sculpture on her wedding day – and Paul Rudd is the bereaved fiancé … who, more than a year later, thinks he may go on a date – but the ghost of his ex shows up to put the kibosh on things. So distasteful is Longoria Parker’s character, that we cannot imagine any guy falling for her in the first place. Rated 14A.


    We’ve seen all this before, in this quiet horror film about a woman who buys the orphanage in which she grew up, converting it to a family home, but quickly learning that her young son is seeing … dead people. But even so, it’s still a good chiller with a decent payoff … no blood or gore, just a lot of creepy scenes that will make your skin crawl. Rated 14A.

  • Rick´s Pick: PS I Love You:

    Not a stellar series of choices this week, but this one’s harmless enough.

LOVE STORY (1970):
It’s been almost 40 years since Ali McGraw told Ryan O’Neill that “love means never having to say you’re sorry.” This is the ultimate he-lives-she-dies movie, and it still holds up as a great tear-jerker.
  • Iron Man

    Outstanding action-adventure superhero movie in which Robert Downey, Jr. is full value as arms dealer Tony Stark
  • Made of Honor

    A pedestrian romantic comedy strictly for McDreamy fans.