for March 28
  • Run Fat Boy Run

    British comedy about an out-of-shape guy trying to impress his girl
  • 21

    Kevin Spacey as a math prof who recruits students to be card counters in Vegas
  • Stop-Loss

    An Iraq vet is sent back into action when his tour is supposed to be over
  • Superhero Movie

    Parody of super heroes (think “Scary Movie”, etc.)
  • 1 .THE MIST:

    From the word processor of Stephen King, this well-made horror-thriller will keep you guessing right up until the very last frame. When a thick mist rolls into a small resort community, what comes with it, hidden in the fog, is far more terrible than anything one could imagine. Good special effects, and in old-movie fashion, we don’t get a look at what’s out there until well into the film … always leave them wanting more! Rated18A.


    Based on the best-selling book, this film is exceptional in its story of two young boys in Kabul, Afghanistan who are friends despite the fact they come from two different worlds. Kite-flying is the focus here, but it’s really a story of betrayal and redemption. It offers a unique look at both the domestic side of life in the war-torn region, as well as some of the politics at play. Rated 14A.


    If you’re a fan of elaborately choreographed Chinese martial arts movies of the “Crouching Tiger” variety, this period piece from Asia will work well for you. Based on actual ancient battles, as are many such films, spectacular photography and sweeping panoramas make it a visual feast as well. Mandarin with English subtitles. Rated 14A.

  • Rick´s Pick: The Kite Runner:

    This is an important story that you probably didn’t catch in the theatre … you’ll likely not recognize any of the actors here, and the story has a very foreign feel, but it offers great insight into another culture.

The passing last week of Arthur C. Clarke who wrote the short story on which this film is based, and who also wrote the novel based on the screenplay, creates a reality that has never been surpassed in science fiction movie-making. The Blu-Ray High Def edition is truly stunning.
  • Drillbit Taylor

    A bad Owen Wilson film about a bodyguard hired by high school freshmen. Written by Vancouver’s Seth Rogan, it just doesn’t have any real laughs
  • Shutter

    Predictable horror film about ghostly images seen in photographs, allegedly of malevolent spirits
  • Funny Games

    Terribly unrewarding film of kidnap and torture of a family. Very difficult to recommend.