for January 25
  • Rambo

    Stallone is back!
  • Meet The Spartans

    A spoof on 300 and other current films.
  • Untraceable

    Diane Lane stars as a cop tracking down an internet murderer.
  • 1. The Game Plan

    A Disney film that kids, especially young girls, will love, about a girl (Madison Pettis) who shows up at the apartment of a star pro quarterback just before the big game... and informs him that he’s her dad. Because it’s a Disney movie, her parents were married, but split with his not knowing his wife was expecting. Cute film, and adults will like it too. Rated G.

  • 2. Sydney White

    Amanda Bynes stars as a college freshman with problems... it’s a modern re-telling of the Snow White tale which could be re-titled, “Snow White and the Seven Dorks.” She aligns herself with seven misfits and together they manage to overcome, to fit in, and to send along a positive message. An adequate, but not great film. Rated PG.

  • 3. The Hunting Party

    Richard Gere is superb in this based-on-fact story of a journalist a photographer, and a discredited reporter in Bosnia during the conflict there, who try to find the most wanted man in the world – this of course before Osama bin Ladin - although the movie got bad reviews and worse box office revenues. A disclaimer says that “only the most ridiculous parts of this story are true.” Either way, I liked it a lot, I thought that Gere’s character was believable, and the outcome was worth the trip! Rated 14A.

  • Rick´s Pick: The Hunting Party

    A network newsman who cracks on-air and eventually descends to become the worst of ambulance-chasers is the uncommon hero of a story with real appeal.

Internal Affairs (1990)
The Hunting Party wasn’t Gere’s first turn as anti-hero. In this thriller, he’s a cop who may have gone bad, and he’s the focus of an internal investigation by LAPD. Andy Garcia co-stars.
  • Cloverfield

    An outstanding horror flick done on a HandyCam with some incredible special effects as a monster ravages Manhattan.
  • There Will Be Blood

    Daniel Day-Lewis will get a Best Actor nomination for his portrayal of an early oil mogul, but it’s a hard movie to watch.
  • 27 Dresses

    A romantic comedy with very little comedy starring Kathryn Heigl... but not nearly so bad as many reviewers suggested.