for December 28
  • No Openings

    Due to nine from the previous seven days.
  • 1. Eastern Promises

    Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts star in this brutally violent tale of Russian mafia activity in present-day London. The bad guys here are very, very bad, and the bathhouse scene in which Mortensen’s character fights for his life – in the nude – is a cinema masterpiece. Not for every taste, but accurate, very scary if you’re on the wrong side of these guys, and very well acted. Rated R. Also available in Blu-Ray DVD.

  • 2. The Kingdom

    If you’re a fan of the TV series The Unit, this is like the grown-up version. Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner star in a current-events story of a terrorist act in Saudi Arabia, and the retaliation that an elite US military force uses. Accurate in many respects, this action-thriller did not do terribly well at the box office, likely because it’s too close to today’s headlines. I liked it for what it was... but as usual in this kind of clash, there are no real winners. Rated 14A. Also Available in HDDVD.

  • 3. Rush Hour 3

    Detective Carter and Inspector Lee, in the person of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are back on the case, this time in Paris, with an on-location climax on the Eiffel Tower. If you liked the first two films, this one is just more of the same – some slapstick, lots of goofy Black-Asian humour, and a thin plot that is really just a backdrop for the boys to use as their playground. I liked it fine for what it was! Rated PG. Also available on Blu-Ray.

  • Rick´s Pick: Eastern Promises

    This one isn’t for the faint of heart, but Mortensen plays one of the best characters ever as the Russian mobster. Well scripted – but a caution again – very violent – but worth the effort. Director David Cronenberg’s first film shot outside of Canada.

The Great Escape (1963)
Steve McQueen’s best film, in my opinion. Based on actual events, except for the motorcycle sequences which did not happen, but were suggested by McQueen himself, other than the jump over the fence, he did all his own riding as well. The stunt was done by Bud Elkins who also did most of the motorcycle riding in the series "Chips."
  • Sweeney Todd

    Johnny Depp is a good sailor on a sinking ship. Despite a fine performance, this adaptation of the Broadway play really doesn’t work.
  • National Treasure: Book of Secrets

    Nicolas Cage and Jon Voigt play out what is essentially a rerun of the first National Treasure film – a good popcorn movie, but most forgettable.
  • Charlie Wilson's War

    Tom Hanks is excellent as the real-life US congressman who basically got the whole Afghan war thing going.