for December 07
  • The Golden Compass

    Some controversy in the Christian community around this fantasy that involves talking bears, and a battle to save the world.
  • 1. Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End

    Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) comes out of his exile imposed at the end of the last film, to participate in the most complex storyline of any of the Pirates movies, but it’s 33 minutes in before we see him.  Great characters, great special effects, and more than you would expect, based on actual persons and events. Rated PG.

  • 2. Superbad

    Big at the box office, this tells the story of two high school slackers who, at graduation, feel that the way to successfully bedding young women is to become purveyors of alcohol.  Although this was a very successful film financially, and is based on the early life of, and is written by Vancouver’s Seth Rogan … I found it juvenile and mean … but I’m not the target audience of a movie such as this. Rated 18A. 

  • 3. The Nanny Diaries

    Based on actual thesis material of a couple of New York grad students who worked as nannies for the rich-and-not-so-famous, this film is a little uneven, but very interesting in the portrait that it paints of a nanny (Scarlett Johannssen) and the work that she does for what turns out to be a very dysfunctional family.  I liked it, although it didn’t get well-reviewed. Rated PG.

  • Rick´s Pick: Pirates Of The Caribbean

    No question about this one being a must-see-must-own.  Keith Richards as Captain Jack’s dad is worth the price of admission all on his own!

Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951)
Gregory Peck and Virginia Mayo demonstrate what pirate movies used to look like.  Still great swashbuckling adventure, but not quite the special effects thrill ride of the modern era.  To save money, the producers used the ship from Treasure Island.
  • Awake

    A chilling look at what could happen if you didn’t go all the way to sleep during your operation.  A fine chiller with Hayden Christianson and Jessica Alba
  • No Country For Old Men

    Coen Brothers character study about a killer, a sheriff, and a good ol’ boy who finds $2 million of drug money… and decides to keep it. Good film, bad ending.