for October 26
  • Dan in Real Life

    Steve Carrell is a guy who just can´t meet the right girl.
  • Saw IV

    If you saw Saw I, II, and III, then you´ll see Saw IV and no what you´re getting. Happy Halloween!
  • 1. Mr. Brooks

    When Kevin Costner signed on to play a serial killer, it wasn´t for any reason other than he wanted to do something different. And this is different. Mr. Brooks is a successful businessman with an interesting hobby. He kills people on a regular basis, egged on by Marshall (John Hurt) his alter ego. In a moment of carelessness, Mr. Brooks is found out by a man who decides to blackmail him... and the movie becomes a war of nerves and wits. I liked it a lot for what it was... especially the surprise ending. Rated 14A.

  • 2. Meet The Robinsons

    A "G" rated animated feature, this heart warming story follows the adventures of an orphan boy named Lewis who wishes for a family... and gets more than he bargained for when the mysterious Wilbur shows up and whisks him into the future. This one stayed in theatres for weeks after its release because it caught on so well as a family film. Rated G.

  • 3. Hostel Part II

    Get ready for Halloween horrors. The original Hostel was one of the most profane, gratuitously violent, and sex–ploitive films I had ever seen, and this one offers all that and more. Actually, it´s a better film by far than the original, this time operating with a bigger budgtet, better performances, and something of a moral conscience. Still a slasher film – you can´t get away from that – it adds some depth and a little more life to the original premise. Rated 18A.

  • Rick´s Pick: Mr. Brooks

    Kevin Costner produced this film and says it´s part of a trilogy... which tells us something about the way it ended.

Event Horizon (1997)
Ten years is enough time for a film to be called a classic, and that´s the case here, an exceptional Halloween film (for the season, not the content)... this is one of my favourite sci–fi films which can best be described as "haunted house in space." Very scary!
  • 30 Days of Night

    I´m probably the only one that liked 30 Days... thought it brought a lot new to the vampire genre.
  • Rendition

    Great political tale of intrigue that in many ways parallels Canada´s Maher Ahrar story – a man grabbed by Americans for suspected terrorist ties.
  • Things We Lost in the Fire

    Halle Berry isn´t my favorite performer and that colours my feelings about this too–intense relationship film.