for September 21
  • Resident Evil: Extinction

    Mila Jovavich stars in this third of a trilogy based on a video game.
  • Sydney White

    Amanda Bynes as a tomboy in college.
  • 1. We Are Marshall

    In November 1970 a chartered DC–9 carrying the entire Marshall University (West Virginia) football team, its coaching staff, and a number of its boosters, crashed short of the runway killing all aboard. This is the story of what happened next, how the community, divided over whether to play football again or not, healed and got past the tragedy. Matthew Fox (Lost) and Matthew McConaughey play real–life coaches Red Dawson and Jack Lengyl. Good film!! Rated PG.

  • 2. Death Proof

    If you didn´t have the time or the stomach to sit through Quentin Tarentino´s Grindhouse, this is half of it, one of the two movies that made up the 70s–era look alike low–end action film. Here Kurt Russell is a killer with a car after tough, voluptuous women who are bound to win in the end, a Tarentino trademark. Violent and raw, it doesn´t play quite as well alone as in the Grindhouse context, but for serious Tarentino fans, it´s a compendium of trivia and sight gags. Rated 18A for violence

  • 3. The Condemned

    The WWE´s Stone Cold Steve Austin stars here as a condembed man – wrongfully convicted of course – who is purchased, along with many other death–sentence prisoners from around the world – by a wealthy businessman who wants to make a reality show in which the inmates are released on a jungle–infested tropical island with instructions to kill each other, last man standing goes free. Violent, yes … with just the tiniest bit of social commentary on the validity of reality shows. Rated 18A.

  • Rick´s Pick: We Are Marshall

    Good performances from McConaughey and Fox, but the subject matter is what makes this one work.

Escape From New York (1981)
Kurt Russell plays Snake Plissken, a tough, convicted bank robber who has to enter the hell–hole that is New York in the future (1998) – the scar over his eye in this film, was transposed to the character he plays in Death Proof.
  • The Brave One

    Jodie Foster is superb as radio host Erica Bain, who is brutalized by thugs in Central Park, and then takes the law into her own hands.
  • Across the Universe

    If you like the music of the Beatles, this is fabulous – it is to the Beatles what Mamma Mia is to ABBA.
  • The Hunting Party

    Richard Gere gets better with age as a reporter on the trail of a wanted international criminal.
  • Eastern Promises

    Extremely violent Russian mob movie with Viggo Mortensen most convincing.