for August 31
  • Death Sentence

    Kevin Bacon relives “Death Wish”
  • Halloween

    Rob Zombie remakes a horror classic.
  • 1. Blades of Glory

    Will Ferrell and John Heder are the first male pairs ice dancing team to set out for Olympic on the ice.  A slightly profane and often crude screenplay is typical of Ferrell who is the more masculine of the two.  Most of Ferrell’s dialogue was improvised to better suit his character, while Heder stuck to the script.  I don’t much care for Ferrell, and I don’t like the crude nature of many of his films, which is pretty much the way I felt about this one, but that’s a definite minority opinion as most liked this and saw it as an outrageous comedy.  Rated 14A.

  • 2. Kickin' It: Old Skool

    Jamie Kennedy stars as a break dancer who has an accident and goes into a coma.  20 years later he wakes up.  The world has moved on but he has not.  His girl is about to marry the wrong guy, his parents are deeply in debt because of his medical costs.  What to do?  I know – we’ll put on a show!  Not for everyone, but if you like break dancing, there’s lots of it here. Rated G.

  • 3. The Prince and Me: The Royal Wedding

    Julia Styles played Paige Morgan, a young woman in the States who learns that she’s an heir to a European throne in 2004.  She went overseas and struggled with the idea before settling in to a new life.  This direct-to-DVD sequel doesn’t have Styles (The Bourne Ultimatum) and instead features Kam Heskin in the role.  Luke Mably is back as Prince Edvard, but the rest of the characters have been recast.  For lovers of the genre only!   Rated PG.

  • Rick's Pick: Fay Grim

    The other releases this week don’t work for me, but this one does.  It’s ten years later, and this is a sequel to the spy-and-espionage thriller “Henry Fool.”  Jeff Goldblum and Parker Posey star.  If you like a complex spy movie, this will do it for you!

Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)
Want some fun, some great ‘20s music and a spiffy and swell tale of love won and lost?  This George Roy Hill (The Sting) film is a classic.  Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore were oh-so-young!
  • Mr. Bean's Holiday

    For Mr. Bean fans only – you know what you’re getting.
  • War

    Jet Li is great, Jason Statham is super, and the story-with-a-twist makes this a better-than-average martial arts film
  • The Nanny Diaries

    An average romantic comedy for Scarlett Johansson
  • Resurrecting the Champ

    Samuel L. Jackson as a street person who may or may not have been the world heavyweight champ – Josh Hartnett and Alan Alda are great