for August 17
  • Invasion

    Nicole Kidman stars in a variation of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”
  • Superbad

    Seth Rogan (Knocked Up) wrote and stars in this tale of a couple of high school guys looking to score … for the first time.
  • 1. Wild Hogs

    The idea was funnier than the movie, and so was the trailer, but this one gets better with age.  Playing much better on DVD than it did on the big screen, William H. Macy steals the movie right out from under Martin Lawrence and John Travolta as a group of middle-aged friends decide to get on their Harleys and do a cross-country trip … but Hell’s Angel they are not.  Some good laughs! Rated PG.

  • 2. Vacancy

    Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale are wasted just a little bit in this horror-thriller about a couple lost on a dark, rainy night after taking a “shortcut” … they check into a place right out of “Psycho” with expected results.  Turning on the TV, they see what they think is a horror film, but realize too late that it’s a “snuff film” and that it was filmed right in their very room … which they now cannot escape.  Could have been better, but the job gets done, if what you want is to jump involuntarily a time or two … but totally implausible. Rated 14A.
  • 3. Fracture

    Sir Anthony Hopkins is superb as an aerospace engineer who says he shot his wife … and then dares an ambitious DA to convict him.  Ryan Gosling co-stars in a battle of wits and a battle of wills.  Hopkins’ character admits his guilt …but can he be convicted?  I like the movie a lot, but felt that the ending was weak – or at least, unsatisfactory.   Rated 14A.
  • Rick's Pick: Wild Hogs

    I liked this one a lot more on DVD than in the theatre. Ray Liotta as the Del Fuego leader was supposed to be a Hell’s Angel, but the gang threatened Disney with a lawsuit so the name was changed.

Easy Rider (1969)
Telling you why this is my pick spoils one of the best sight gags in Wild Hogs … but trust me – going back and watching Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda is well worth the trip. 
  • Daddy Day Camp

    Cuba Gooding, Jr. is wasted here with a script that is low humour at best as he becomes a summer camp owner
  • Stardust

    A very interesting fantasy with a great turn by Michelle Pfieffer
  • Skinwalkers

    Like a werewolf tale? This one delivers not much new, but does it with style as a young boy is on the brink of becoming … powerful!
  • Rush Hour 3

  • Becoming Jane

    Jane Austen with nudity?  Well, yes!  Will shock some purists!