for July 27
  • No Reservations

    Catherine Zeta Jones and Aaron Eckhart in a romantic comedy set in a restaurant kitchen
  • The Simpsons Movie

    Homer, Bart, everyone from the TV show
  • I Know Who Killed Me

    Lindsay (those are not my drugs) Lohan in a mystery thriller.

  • 1. Zodiac

    If you remember the Summer of Love, San Francisco, Haight Ashbury in 1967, you’ll recall something else too besides wearing some flowers in your hair … this was the time of the Zodiac murders.  This film profiles the case in near-documentary style following the series of murders, the taunting of police by the killer, and the hunt for one who could not be caught.  Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey, Jr. star.  Good film!  Rated 14A.

  • 2. The Number 23

    Jim Carrey is over the top in this straight dramatic role about a man obsessed by a little book that focuses on the number 23 – he becomes convinced that the number has mystic properties and that his life is somehow tied to it.  I found this film hard to believe, I didn’t like the texture and the pace, and in the end, found it very unsatisfying. Rated 14A.

  • 3. The Host

    This is a variation on the Godzilla story from Korea with English subtitles.  A monster grows to huge proportions in the industrial soup that is the Han River in Seoul.  Good special effects – this is a monster unlike any you have seen in the past – and the action is excellent.  An odd film, but if you like the genre, it will give you your money’s worth.  Rated PG.

  • Rick's Pick: Zodiac

    I won’t spoil the ending for you, but if you remember the case which occupied the Bay Area’s police for more than a decade, you know how this finishes.

Godzilla (1956)
The American version of this film has Raymond Burr, playing reporter Steve Martin, spliced into the action.  Burr was never on the set and didn’t see any of the things his character appears to see.  References to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki appear in the Japanese version but not the American release.
  • Hairspray

    A delightful version of the Broadway play based on the 1988 movie.  Nikki Blonsky is superb, Christopher Walken is worth the price of admission alone, and you have to love John Travolta in drag!
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

    A sad excuse for a movie … better to wait for the DVD and hate it for a lower price.