for July 20
  • Hairspray

    John Travolta and Christopher Walken in the movie version of the hit musical
  • I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry

    Adam Sandler and Kevin James are married fire fighters … married to each other!
  • 1. Premonition

    Well, if it’s a head-bender you want, this will do it.  Sandra Bullock plays a woman who learns that her husband has been killed in a car accident.  She is grief-stricken, but wakes up the next morning with him beside her … and it seems to be the day before the accident.  The next time she wakes up, he’s been dead for a couple of days, and they are making funeral arrangements.  And then … he’s back.  I never could really figure out where this one was going, but Bullock’s performance is worth watching anyway.  Rated PG.

  • 2. The Hills Have Eyes II

    A little over a year ago this remake of the original Hills hit theatres – a family camping in the desert is decimated and tortured by leftover mutants from nuclear testing.  Wes Craven did the original in ’87, he did the remake last year, and here we go again with a remake of the sequel from ’88 … once again, the desert and people falling victim to mutants.  Very gory!! Rated R.

  • 3. Factory Girl

    You probably missed this one in theatres – it’s not for everyone, but if you want an R-rated raunchy look at the life of pop-artist Andy Warhol, this will do it for you … good cast with Sienna Miller, Guy Pierce, Mina Suvari, and Don Novello, Father Guido Sarducci of Saturday Night Live fame.  Rated R.

  • Rick's Pick: Premonition

    Watch it, and if you can figure out what really happened, please call or e-mail me.  I like this kind of film, but this one left me scratching my head.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
the number 36 best movie of all time on the AFI list, with the #35 best line:  “Badges?  We don’t need no badges.  I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!”  Humphrey Bogart at his very best, along with Walter Huston.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    A much darker Harry Potter this time, and a premonition that suggests he may not be around for a long time.  As usual, fine special effects, a complex story, delightfully cruel characters.
  • Captivity

    A particularly cruel portrayal of capture and torture.  Not my bag!!!