for July 13
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    The latest in the Harry Potter Franchise actually opened on Wednesday and will be a major smash
  • Captivity

    A horror thriller that features Elisha Cuthbert as a woman abducted, kept, and tortured.  Pleasant.
  • 1. The Astronaut Farmer

    A box office bomb that didn’t even open in some provinces, I actually liked this feel-good film in which Billy Bob Thornton plays a former test pilot now raising a family on a struggling farm, while working on a launch vehicle in his barn that he hopes will carry him into orbit.  The neighbors think he’s batty, and the government wants to shut him down … but still he has his dream.  A good family film.  Rated PG.

  • 2. The Last Mimzy

    A very odd, but endearing time-travel story filmed on the Lower Mainland, in which two young children find some very unusual toys on the beach … plus a toy bear named Mimzy.  The toys are from the future, and they aren’t really toys, but rather are pieces of equipment necessary for genetic collection in the present to be sent to the future.  This is pretty much a kid’s movie that most adults won’t get … I like it a lot, but you’ll need an eight year-old to explain it to you! Rated PG.

  • 3. Iraq in Fragments

    An exceptional documentary by director James Longley who worked for two years in Iraq putting together stories of ordinary Iraqis living in the daily reality of the American invasion.  This was supposed to be a multi-part series, but had to be abandoned when the country became too dangerous a place in which to work … but the segments we have here are compelling. Rated PG.

  • Rick's Pick: The Astronaut Farmer

    Not technically accurate, and somewhat unbelievable, this is still a great family tale and it got a bad shake when in theatres.

The Right Stuff (1983)
With the recent death of Wally Schirra, I turned to this definitive tale of the original seven Mercury astronauts (Schirra is played here by Millennium’s Lance Henrickson) that paints a gritty tale of what it took to leave the surly bonds of earth.  Still a great movie after 24 years.
  • Transformers

    in theaters for more than a week now, the superb Transformers movie continues to set the box office on end … great action film!!
  • License to Wed

    Robin Williams is okay here in a so-so romantic comedy … it will be worth it as a rental, but isn’t worth a trip to the theatre unless you’re a raving Williams fan.