for June 29
  • Live Free or Die Hard

    Bruce Willis is back as John McLane
  • Evening

    An emotional tale of endless love with Toni Collette, Glenn Close, and Meryl Streep
  • Ratatouille

    Animated feature about a rat who cooks in Paris.

  • 1. Shooter

    Mark Wahlberg’s character, with the TV-Evangelist-sounding name of Bob Lee Swagger, should know better.  He’s a crack shot, a military man who has seen acute action as a sniper, and now he’s retired to a mountain cabin.  When the FBI/CIA comes asking for his help – well, he just oughta know that things are not what they seem.  He’s supposed to protect the President, but gets framed for a shooting, and the chase is on.  Great action, terrific film – not a deep-think piece, but very entertaining! Rated 14A.

  • 2. Dead Silence

    A horror-thriller about a ventriloquist with hundreds of dummies who dies … and we learn that her dummies take on a life of their own.  A pretty good plot, well-acted, and for fans of the horror genre, will give you a couple of good made-you-jump moments!  Donnie Wahlberg stars – and the dummy from Saw is always in the background because director James Wan did both films. Rated R.

  • 3. Pride

    A based-on-fact story of an inner-city coach who takes a black swim team from nowhere to major contenders. Not a lot of new ground is uncovered here – it’s similar to many sports stories that are true – but it has an inspirational element to it. Rated PG.

  • Rick's Pick: The Lost Room

    Set lots of time aside for this … it’s actually a five-hour miniseries that aired on Sci-Fi in the States and on Space, the Imaginations Station here.

Citizen Kane (1941)
A recent survey just placed this Orson Welles classic once again at the top of the list as the number one film of all time.  I never quite saw it that way, but the DVD version with commentary by Roger Ebert is almost like going to film school.
  • 1408

    An outstanding thriller based on a Stephen King story, this one will get your hear rate up
  • A Mighty Heart

    Angelina Joli is exceptional as Marian Pearl, widow of the murdered journalist
  • Evan Almighty

    Steve Carrell fans will like this latest take on God giving orders to mortals.