for May 4
  • Spiderman 3

    Toby McGuire is back with his Spidy senses all a tingle
  • Lucky You

    Eric Bana is a professional gambler with Daddy issues.

  • 1. Dream Girls

    Eddie Murphy is full value for his Best Supporting Oscar as James Brown-like James “Thunder” Early, but the show is stolen by Jennifer Hudson, the American Idol finalist who will blow you away with both her singing and her acting ability. Loosely based on the careers of Diana Ross and the Supremes, original Supreme Mary Wilson says the movie is far, far closer to the truth than anyone imagines.  Outstanding film!  Rated PG.

  • 2. Alpha Dog

    Justin Timberlake and Bruce Willis star in this based-on-fact story of three teens in the urban jungle who have things go terribly wrong for them when they start off on a path that leads to ultimate destruction.  They commit a crime that goes very, very badly. Rated 14A.

  • 3. The Hitcher

    Sean Bean is John Ryder in this remake of the 1986 horror-thriller about a man picked up on a dark country road by a young couple who really ought to know better.  Sophia Bush of “One Tree Hill” is the female lead, but you know how slasher flicks work … how long can she last?  Rated R.

  • Rick's Pick: Dream Girls

    Jennifer Hudson had to gain more than 40 pounds for her role as Effie White, and Beyonce, in her Diana Ross role, had to lose a few pounds to fit into the slinky clothes … the soundtrack is amazing … and don’t forget that it’s a musical – people sing when they should be talking!

The Hitcher (1986)
Rutger Hauer is, for my money, much more diabolical in the original version of this horror film than is Sean Bean in the remake.  ET’s C. Thomas Howell is the male lead, with Jennifer Jason Leigh as the victimized female lead.  Scary!
  • Next

    Nicolas Cage produced and stars in a taught time travel story – but just two minutes of time travel – with some excellent action scenes.
  • The Condemned

    Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Running Man-style movie about reality shows.  He should stick to the WWE.

  • Invisible

    A better than average thriller about a dead teen who comes back as a ghost.  Nothing here we haven’t seen on Medium or Ghost Whisperer, but it’s a serviceable thriller.