for April 13
  • Perfect Stranger

    Halle Berry in a murder mystery
  • Slow Burn

    Ray Liotta as a big-city DA in a crime-thriller.

  • Disturbia

    Horror movie about murder in the suburbs

  • 1. Bobby

    A huge cast that includes Harry Belafonte, Anthony Hopkins, Helen Hunt, and William H. Macy are directed by Emilio Estevez in a story that uses the Bobby Kennedy assassination on June 6, 1974 at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles as its backdrop.  It’s a character study focusing on the lives of several people who work or stay in the hotel.  There is some archival footage of Kennedy but it’s really not so much about him as about the times.  Good film! Rated 14A.

  • 2. Black Christmas

    X-Files writer/producer Glen Morgan remakes the 1974 film about slasher murders in a sorority house over Christmas.  If you like a movie in which scantily-clad young women are murdered in graphic fashion, this is your cup of plasma.  SCTV’s Andrea Martin was a sorority girl in the original, and she’s a house mother this time.  Things don’t end well for most anyone in this film. Rated R.

  • 3. Dead and Deader

    Why is it that the undead always crave human flesh.  Doesn’t make sense, but that’s the premise of this direct-to-DVD film that tragically stars one-time Superman Dean Caine as a once-dead commando who finds everyone coming to life and terrorizing the population.  It’s an acquired taste for sure.  Rated R.

  • Rick's Pick: Bobby

    As good as the story is, the soundtrack is even better with some great music and some great memories.  It took Emilio Estevez 10 years to get the movie made and he sold many of his personal possessions to finance it.  Good investment!

Black Christmas (1974)
You might as well go back in time and see the original which features a very young Andrea Martin and an equally young Margot Kidder in as the sorority girls.  Made in Toronto – the remake was done in Vancouver.
  • The Reaping

    Hilary Swank is excellent as a former missionary who now scientifically debunks miracles.  In Louisiana, water is turning to blood and it looks as if the first of 10 Biblical plagues is afoot.  Good movie!
  • Grindhouse

    Quentin Tarentino and Robert Rodriguez teamed up to make an incredible throwback film to the “B” movie days of the 60s.  An acquired taste, but very interesting!