May 21st - 27th Downloads
& DVDs
  • The Upside:

    Kevin Hart is Dell, unemployed, with a criminal record. Bryan Cranston is Phillip, a straight-up guy who doesn't suffer fools well, and who is confined to a motorized wheelchair, a quadriplegic as the result of an accident.  Phillip is very, very wealthy.  Dell needs a sign-off for his parole officer proving that he actually showed up for the job interview with Phillip - he had no interest in the care-giver role, but was hired on the spot anyway - the mystery as to why is revealed slowly over the course of the story.  The laughs are frequent and genuine in what could have become a racially-charged story, the Black guy and the White guy dealing with cultural gaps based on colour, but that doesn't happen.  The characters could have been green, blue, or purple - the differences are of personality and taste, not racial or ethnic derivation, which makes the funny stuff even better.  The seriousness of a man who lost the use of his limbs in an accident while pursuing a recreational sport is combined with his "do not resuscitate" order, but surprisingly offers a lot of fun.  Nicole Kidman is excellent as Yvonne, Phillip's long-time assistant, and Julianne Margulies (The Good Wife) does a surprising turn in a small role as Phillip's first date in years.  Based on actual people and actual events, it was a huge hit in France where it was made under the title of The Intouchables.  Great fun, easy to recommend.  Rated 14A.


  • Isn't It Romantic:

    This smart and clever rom-com-within-a-rom-com is the first starring role for Rebel Wilson, previously a second banana in such films as the Pitch Perfect series, and Brides Maids.  Wilson plays Natalie, an architect in a New York firm, where her low self-esteem allows everyone to take advantage of her, She has a co-worker, Josh (Adam Devine) who clearly has a crush on her, but she doesn't see it, as she was taught by her mother from childhood that "people like us don't find love, and we don't get any breaks."  A bad bump on the head during a subway mugging has Natalie waking up in the emergency room with a drop-dead handsome doctor who is clearly taken with her.  When she leaves the hospital, all the guys she encounters are smitten, and she very shortly falls into the company of a movie-star-gorgeous Blake (Liam Hemsworth) who is a billionaire, who has fallen for her, and who wants to marry her.  Every conceivable romantic comedy cliché is played out here, from the suddenly beautiful New York streets, to the slo-mo falling into each other's arms, to dialogue picked up from such famous rom-coms as "When Harry Met Sally," "You've Got Mail," "Bridesmaids," and many others.  Natalie realizes that she is trapped inside a rom-com, but doesn't know how to get out ... and soon she finds herself crashing a wedding to stop Josh from marrying the wrong woman ... and then, back to reality, which also begins to play out like a rom-com.  Smart, crisp writing, excellent performances, and a remarkable soundtrack make this one the date movie to see!  Rated 14A.

  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World:

    This is the third animated feature from Dreamworks focusing on the adventures of Hiccup, a hapless Viking lad who, in the first movie, acquired the friendship of a Night Fury Dragon, and here, he and his pal Toothless, learn that Toothless isn't the only Night Fury left on the planet.  The Hidden World is a secret Dragon Utopia where such creatures abound and thrive ... but a wicked villain named Grimmell is on the hunt for it, which means that Hiccup and Toothless have to get there first to save the day.  Hiccup is again voiced by Montreal's Jay Baruchel, and we also get the voices of America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler, and Jonah Hill among others.  An almost perfect PG story, there is a scene late in the movie that may disturb young children ... I know that, as a kid, I lived through Bambi losing both his mother and his father, but it still bothers me ... so parents, be aware if you have sensitive kids.  Rated PG. 

  • Maria (2019):

    This Netflix original is from the Philippines and tells the story of ex-assassin Maria who just like John Wick, tries to leave her bloody past behind her by getting out of the life.  Played by popular Filipina actress Christine Reyes, Maria has to change everything when a power-hungry gang comes knocking on her door looking to target her entire family.  Maria's killer instincts kick back into gear, and now, no one is safe.  It was her former boyfriend and one-time partner in crime who, by chance, spotted her in a crowd, tracked her down, and became a major threat to her husband and her children.  Rated 18A for violence.


    Rim of the World (2019):

    Good cast here, headed by director McG (Lethal Weapon, Shadowhunters), in this Netflix original that has space aliens invading the earth, and their first target is a summer camp populated by teenagers.  Four of them - the teenagers, not the aliens - band together to use their misfit talents to try to save the planet.  Cast members include Annabeth Gish, former X-Files regular, Lynne Collins from X-Men Origins, Michael Beach currently starring in the TV series The Rookie, and Tony Cavalero from the TV series School of Rock.  Rated 14A.

Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors (2015):

Originally a Lifetime TV movie, this is the true story of how young Dolly, age 9 (Alyvya Alyn Lind), copes with a devastating tragedy that befalls her close-knit family who always believed in the healing power of faith and love.  The story demonstrates the role that the raggedy patchwork coat played in Dolly's life and how it helped change everything.  Exceptional cast with Jennifer Nettles, Gerald McRaney, Ricky Schroeder, and Dolly's sister Stella Parton.  The hardscrabble life in the backwoods of Tennessee is in the foreground, with the family's unbending faith providing a backdrop.  Rated PG.



Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot (2018):

Based on actual events, Joaquin Phoenix stars as John Callahan, a young man severely injured in a car accident in which he was the impaired driver.  His alcoholism led him to that place, where he emerged a quadriplegic, and it appeared that his life was pretty much over.  While in rehab, he found that he had an ability to draw editorial cartoons, and with the help of his girlfriend (Rooney Mara) and his sponsor (Jonah Hill), he learns that perhaps there is a life worth living after all.  Set and shot in Portland, OR, home of the real-life John Callahan.  Rated 14A.